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Tyne and Wear HER(7636): Felling, Sunderland Road, Blue Bell Hotel - Details

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Felling, Sunderland Road, Blue Bell Hotel




Licensed Premises

Public House

Early Modern


Extant Building

These well-kept orange brick public house premises straddle the High Street and Holly Hill on a high, and therefore visually prominent corner. The warm and dynamic impression they convey arises from the variety of materials used (including stone dressings, cream render, and especially the rich, deep terracotta roof tiles), as well as the use of multiple bargeboarded gables. They embrace the topographically challenging site closely, presenting a strong edge to the street as they front directly onto the pavement, with a thoughtful, faceted elevation as they progress round the corner. The architectural emphasis is skyward – not only due to the gabling but also to the tall, slim brick chimneys and curious black wooden cupola with a needle-like finial. Even the original cast iron rainwater goods with their decorative hoppers, and the 6 panel doors and toplights beneath elaborate canopies, have not been lost. Only the satellite dish and the strung fabric signage detract from the whole. MATERIALS Red brick, sandstone, clay tile DATES 1903-5 LOCAL LIST




Gateshead Council Local List X20/LL/270; Lynn Pearson, The Northumbrian Pub – An Architectural History (1989)

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