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N Tyneside

West Chirton village





Deserted Settlement



Documentary Evidence

Flatworth and West Chirton together formed part of the Wirecester barony of Hadston, created by Henry I. In 1158 Henry II ordered Flatworth to be given to Tynemouth Priory, and in 1166 Jordan Heron held the lands "which may be identified with West Chirton". In 1256 the priory acquired the manor of West Chirton, and though they evicted some tenants, there were 14 in 1294 and 12 in 1296. At some date after 1377, and before the Dissolution of 1538, the tenants of West Chirton were evicted, their lands annexed to Flatworth and turned into pasture. Such an early desertion, and the extensive modern development of the area, has left no visible evidence. Positions on the north side of the Newcastle-Tynemouth road west of East Chirton, and perhaps west of Balkwell Avenue (ex Balkwell Lane) are possible locations.




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