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Tyne and Wear HER(765): West Chirton grange - Details

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N Tyneside

West Chirton grange



Agriculture and Subsistence

Land use




Documentary Evidence

West Chirton village (HER no. 764) was cleared at some point between 1377 and 1538. In 1539, after the Dissolution, Sir Thomas Hilton, Crown tenant of the priory and its estates, was not held to account for the rent of the Grange or Vaccary of Westcherton, Howdon Close and open pasture on the moor. They were among property retained in the custody of the constable of Tynemouth Castle for the king's use. In 1631 the grange, etc. was granted to William Collins and Edward Fenn. This may be the forerunner of one of the farms surviving on the first edition Ordnance Survey map: West Chirton House, West Chirton Farm & High Chirton.




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