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Tyne and Wear HER(7657): Sheriff Hill, Windy Nook Road, Sandwell House - Details

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Sheriff Hill, Windy Nook Road, Sandwell House

Sheriff Hill





Early Modern


Extant Building

Substantial stone house with slate roof. This very broad, double fronted building is very simple in design, of roughly dressed stone laid in courses of varying heights, with substantial quoins but virtually no other architectural detailing, The slate roof has narrow water tabling and a partially missing stone ridge. Unfortunately vents have been inserted at the eaves. One chimney has been removed and the other has been rebuilt. Triangular stones top the western gable, in the manner of ‘tumbled-in’ brickwork. The stone lintels are very narrow, and there are no cills pieces at all. The original windows have been unfortunately replaced with plastic ones, and a timber canopy has been recently added over the doorway. A cast iron downpipe with decorative hopper head remains, but the rest of the rainwater goods are plastic. STATEMENT OF SIGNIFICANCE The building is part of the surviving vernacular stone backbone of Sheriff Hill, evoking the heyday of this lively 19th century village, and expressing its early development, which was significantly based around quarrying. It is of particular group value with the Grade II Listed Field House immediately adjacent. MATERIALS Sandstone, Welsh slate DATES Building present in 1822 LOCAL LIST




Gateshead Council Local List X20/LL/290; Gateshead Council, April 1999, Conservation Area Policy Guidelines, Strategies and Character Statements, Proposed Sheriff Hill Conservation Area, pp 79-82 (Supplementary Planning Guidance); Gateshead Council, July 2003, Sheriff Hill Conservation Area Policy Guidelines, Strategy and Character Statement (Appendix to Supplementary Planning Guidance 1), pp 14-19; Historic Buildings:Survey Report (1982)

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