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Gateshead, Sculpture Park



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Recent years have seen the artist play an increasing role in the design of landscapes. The greatest concentration of artworks in the area is found in the Gateshead Riverside Sculpture Park to the west of the Tyne Bridge. Perhaps the best piece is "Rolling Moon" by Colin Rose, with its silver ball emerging above the trees as seen from the Metro and Newcastle Quayside. The park also boasts works by Richard Deacon, Maggie Howarth, Andy Goldsworthy, Richard harris, Sally Matthews and a temporary piece by David Tremlett {2}. Gateshead Council cleared an area of derelict and unusable buildings in the mid 1960s and created a park. The first artwork in 1982-86 was 'Bottle Bank' by Richard Harris, a sculpture of stone piers made from stone from the Old Harbour Master's house at North Shields and mild steel arches. It looks like an upturned boat hull and the adjacent bridges. Other artwork include 'Gravel Artwork' by David Tremlett in 1991, 'Goats' by Sally Matthews, 1992, a life size herd of gaots made from steel, cement and natural materials, 'Cone' by Andy Goldsworthy, 1990, 'Once Upon A Time' by Richard Deacon, 1992 and 'Phoenix' by Maggie Howarth, 1993 {3}. LOCAL LIST




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