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Tyne and Wear HER(767): Newcastle, River Tyne, bronze sword - Details

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Newcastle, River Tyne, bronze sword



Armour and Weapons




Bronze Age


Said to have been dredged from the Tyne below Newcastle, but exactly where and when is unclear. Presumed to have once been in the possession of the antiquarian, Canon Greenwell, since it is now in the British Museum as part of the Canon Greenwell Collection. The sword is 692 mm long, 31 mm max. width, with a blade 7 mm thick, i.e. a little shorter than HER no. 768, with which it has more than once been confused. There is a wide V-shaped cleft in the end of the pommel-piece, and the handle is pierced by 8 rivet-holes, 4 on the butt, 3+1 on the handle, the last being on the pommel-piece "below, and quite separate from the point of the cleft - a unique feature".




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