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Newcastle, River Tyne, bronze sword



Armour and Weapons




Bronze Age


First published in 1881, its discovery is not well recorded, but it is said to have been dredged from the Tyne a little below Newcastle in the same place as HER no. 767, perhaps near Tyne Bridge, in 1885. It was eventually donated to the Society of Antiquaries by the then Tyne Improvement Commissioners. It is described by Cowen thus: "An elegant piece in brilliant condition, lacks the tip. Semi-circular notch in upper edge of pommel-piece is little more than the enlarged lower half of a peg-hole". The sword is described as 694 or 700 mm long, and has once been in two pieces. The handle is pierced by 7 rivet-holes, 4 on the butt and 3 on the handle. It is similar to, but slightly longer than, Her No. 767, with which it has previously been confused.




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