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Tyne and Wear HER(7702): Sandyford, Sandyford House (Villa Reale, Nazareth House) - Details

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Sandyford, Sandyford House (Villa Reale, Nazareth House)






Early Modern


Extant Building

The house was originally called Villa Real and later Nazareth House. The house was built by John Dobson for Captain John Dutton in 1817. The main front had large bow windows and Tuscan columns supported the entrance porch {1}. One of John Dobson's earliest designs. Its original 21 acres of land included a fishpond and spring. In 1828 while Russell Blackbird, ship owner and insurance broker lived in the house, Bronze Age remains were found in the grounds. Subsequent occupants were William Wright (flint glass manufacturer) and Robert Harrison (tanner). In 1883 Dr Gribb, surgeon of Blaydon Races fame, changed the name of the house to Sandyford Park. After his death in 1916 the property was owned by the Poor Sisters of Nazareth for nearly 80 years, and was known as Nazareth House. In 1996 the sisters transferred to London and for a while the house was managed by Catholic Care North East {2}. LISTED GRADE 2




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