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N Tyneside

Milneton village





Deserted Settlement



Documentary Evidence

Milneton is listed in Richard I's confirmation of their properties to the prior and convent of Tynemouth in 1189, and Hugh de Milneton in 1264, and his son William in 1291, both did homage for this holding to the abbot of St. Alban's. The name appears in lists of the priory's property in the 13th century and 14th century, sometimes coupled with Sheles, but does not occur after 1392. The Northumberland County History notes: "Milneton lay near North Shields, and perhaps took its name from Tynemouth windmill on the eastern bank of the Spital dene... Tynemouth...has swallowed up the tiny township of Milneton, of which the insignificance may be gauged by the entry against it of 4d for cornage, the average assessment of the neighbouring townships being ten times that amount".




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