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Shieldfield, Red Barns



Agriculture and Subsistence



Post Medieval

Documentary Evidence

Red Barns is shown on Corbridge’s Map of Newcastle, 1723/4, as an L-shaped range of farmbuildings within a gated enclosure, also containing an orchard. The farmhouse is thought to be 18th century, but may be earlier. Its position is on the west side of the junction between Shield’s Road, the course of Hadrian’s Wall, and Elwick Lane, which led to the riverside via St Anne’s chapel. Red Barns is also shown at this location on Oliver’s Map of 1844 and on subsequent maps until the Dominicans obtained the site in the 1860s. It is likely that Red Barns was used as a brickyard in the mid-19th century, when Samual Carr, brickmaker is listed as resident there. It is possible that the windmill (HER ref. 5451) west of Stepney Bank was used to drive a pump or pug mill for this brickyard.




Corbridge’s Map of Newcastle, 1723/4. Oliver’s Map of Newcastle, 1844. Inkster K & Truman L, 1997, Stepney Bank Development: Archaeological Assessment, p.5. Unpublished Report by the Archaeological Department, Tyne & Wear Museums for The Ouseburn Partnership. (T&W HER 1997 Box 16A/55)

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