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Tyne and Wear HER(7862): Gateshead, Bottle Bank, Queen's Head - Details

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Gateshead, Bottle Bank, Queen's Head




Licensed Premises

Public House

Post Medieval

Documentary Evidence

The "Queen's Head" stood almost opposite the site of the Goat's Inn (HER 7861), at the middle of the steepest part of Bottle Bank, on the right-hand side going downwards. It was in its day the most important hostelry in Gateshead. The large hall of the Queen's Head was used as a court-house, Roman Catholic mission, a harmonie hall and billiard room. Rebuilt in 1854. Still standing in 1932. Described as a high brick building "in a dissipated state". There was a large figure of a lion on the roof. Its tail turned towards Gateshead, its "fierce look" towards Newcastle. It was, in 1932, a lodging house.




D. Lumley, 1932, The Story of Gateshead Town - From the earliest age to the mid Victorian, p 70 and 73; I.C. Carlton, 1974, A Short History of Gateshead, p 34

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