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Wharrier Street Police Station, Walker



Walker, police station




Legal Site

Police Station



Documentary Evidence

The police station was built in 1908. On either side of the spacious entrance hall there was a waiting room and superintendent's office. Adjoining this was the charge room and four cells. At the end of the cell corridor there was an airing courtyard for the prisoners. Immediately opposite the entrance was the parade room and police surgeon's room. On the first floor there were messrooms, recreation room and dormitories divided into twelve cubicles. The building was built of red pressed brick with stone dressings, and roofed with Newfoundland green slate. The interior walls were decorated with a salt glazed brick, floors of Portland cement concrete. The entrance hall was tiled. There were stone carvings by Christian Neuper, Newcastle sculptor, on the front elevation of the building - a male figure representing justic and strength, a female figure representing truth and light, and a head symbolic of deceit and falsehood. The building cost £9000.




Hayler Newspaper Cuttings, Vol 2, p 45, September 3rd 1908 [Newcastle City Library Local Studies Section]

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