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Tyne and Wear HER(7919): Backworth, Moor Edge Farm - Details

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N Tyneside

Backworth, Moor Edge Farm



Agriculture and Subsistence



Post Medieval


Documentary Evidence

On a map of Shiremoor by Thomas Wilkinson dated 1790, the farm was owned by Thomas Fenwick Esquire and the land to the west by Ralph William Grey Esquire. On Fryer's map of 1820 the farm is named as "Moor Edge", presumably named after Billy Mill Moor or Shiremoor. In 1844 Moor Edge Farm was owned by the Duke of Northumberland. A valuation document of the farm lists the parcels of land within the farm including Earsdon west and north fields and Backworth east field. The farm is shown on first edition Ordnance Survey of 1850. In 2000 a single section of roughly built sandstone wall survived to a height of 1.50m. This was demolished without record shortly afterwards.




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