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N Tyneside

North Weetslade village





Deserted Settlement



Documentary Evidence

Weetslade was a member of the barony of Morpeth or Merlay, and in/by the 13th century was split, so that in 1242 there were at least 2 parts, North and South Weetslade. The lay subsidy rolls of 1296 and 1312 showed North Weetslade to be slightly the larger of the two, having 5 taxpayers in 1296 and 7 in 1312. Wrathmell cites evidence for 4 messuages in 1657, 2 messuages and 6 cottages in 1748, and suggests an 18th century dispersal of the tenants to Greens and High Barnes to allow enclosure to proceed. He therefore classes it as a DMV, and prefers the site of the erstwhile farm of Low Weetslade at NZ 262 737. Tomaney suggests as an alternative location the field once called Town Steads, with possible cropmarks, at NZ 256 733.




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