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Tyne and Wear HER(796): Weetslade common fields - Details

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N Tyneside

Weetslade common fields



Agriculture and Subsistence

Ridge and Furrow

Broad Ridge and Furrow



There is/was ridge and furrow in various places in the township of Weetslade, notably at High Weetslade, Unthank Tack (NZ 2592 7308), East Wideopen, North Bottoms (NZ 2510 7285), Wideopen Field (NZ 2468 7268), Seaton Burn Hall (NZ 2516 7304 to NZ 2505 7348) and High Barnes (NZ 2515 7390, 2537 7391). The 2 fields south of High Barnes have very wide, curved, ridges - among the best in Tyne and Wear. Two systems of ridge and furrow north of East Wideopen Farm were recorded by TWM in 2012. The two field systems consisted of one system orientated north-south and system 2 east-west. The ridges of system 1 were spaced at average intervals of 6m, the ridges themselves measured approx 4.9-5.4m in width to a height of 0.16m. System 2 was more widely spaced that 1 with ridges at average intervals of 6.5m up to a max of 8.8m. The ridges measured approximately 6m in width to a height of 0.16m.




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