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Tyne and Wear HER(797): Backworth common fields - Details

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N Tyneside

Backworth common fields



Agriculture and Subsistence

Ridge and Furrow

Broad Ridge and Furrow



Ridge and furrow survives as both earthworks and cropmarks in the fields, and park of Backworth Hall, on all sides of the village. That south of the hall under the golf course is particularly good, comprising 60 north-south ridges lying on the north side of 24 east-west ones, with a prominent north-south headland dividing them up into 4 unequal blocks. A map of 1809 provides the field names, and one of 1822 the farm names: NZ 299 724 Rye Hill and Neat/Night Close, Backworth Middle Farm; NZ 299 721 New Park, Backworth Hall Farm; NZ 299 720 Quarry Close, Rushie Close, Captain's Field, Backworth Hall Farm; NZ 300 716 Four Nook'd Close, Captain's Close, Backworth Hall Farm; NZ 295 715 Castle Field, Backworth Castle Farm; NZ 303 724 High East Field, Backworth East Farm. Low earthworks representing medieval ridge and furrow were recorded by Alan Williams to the north of Middle Farm. The earthworks were approximately 5-6m wide.These earthworks were removed as part of a development but further earthworks remain to the north and west of the farm.




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