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Dinnington, Foxcovert, flints



Tools and Equipment

Lithic Implement


Mesolithic/Neolithic/Bronze Age


158 lithics were collected during fieldwalking at Foxcovert in advance of open cast coal mining. Large number of tools mostly dating to Mesolithic period. The assemblage is of particular interest as there are a number of heavily patinated pieces which are probably early Mesolithic. Some of these have been recycled into later tools such as a scraper, which after discard and subsequent patination was then rechipped again into a scraper that would be typical of types found in later Mesolithic assemblages. A blade tool has been re-chipped at a later date into a scraper. Another piece that is probably Early Mesolithic is a patinated broken blade segment from a triangular-section broad blade piece and a broad blade microburin. Interestingly, no broad blade tools like this have been found in dated later Mesolithic assemblages such as Howick in Northumberland. This area formed the margin of a Post-Glacial Lake (Prestwick Carr), and there is no reason why it should not have been utilised in a similar way to the better known North Yorkshire sites around Lake Pickering (Star Carr etc). Other pieces in the assemblage can be confidently ascribed to the Later Mesolithic. This includes a wide range of tools ranging from cores, burins and scrapers to microburins and edge-trimmed blades and an awl. There is also possibly a small amount of later material in the assemblage dating to the Neolithic and/or Early Bronze Age including a beautiful disc scraper and pieces made from nodular flint. 93.7% of the assemblage is made from flint, 5.1% is chert and 0.6% is agate and tuff.




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