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Tyne and Wear HER(805): Wallsend mill - Details

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N Tyneside

Wallsend mill




Wind Power Site




Documentary Evidence

The precise location of the mill is unknown. Willington mill is mentioned in 1299, but from 1358 it is known as the mill of Willington and Wallsend, and in 1378 it is described as the windmill of Wallsend, on a repairing lease at 3 p.a. In 1381 this arrangement was changed, the tenant finding the sails and cogs, and paying 2, and the lord providing the timber and the millstones. In 1382 the tenants of both Wallsend and Willington were reminded that they must grind at this mill or pay a 0.5 mark fine, and in 1384 the miller was told to grind his neighbours' corn at convenient times or be fined. In 1464 the windmill was said to be waste. After a gap of some years a watermill is mentioned - perhaps a replacement for the windmill or in addition to it (it is not known whether Willington and Wallsend always shared a mill). The watermill was described as waste in 1536-7.




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