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Tyne and Wear HER(8086): South Shields, Ocean Road, Jubilee Memorial - Details

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Wouldhave Memorial


S Tyneside

South Shields, Ocean Road, Jubilee Memorial

South Shields



Commemorative Monument

Early Modern



1890. J H Morton, Architect. John F Scott, Sculptor. R B Farbridge, Monumental Mason. 45 ft high square ashlar tower, rising in 4 stages, designed in the "classical" style. First stage plain with a large semi-circular headed recess on each face. The west one contains a tablet with the inscription "Erected in commemoration of Jubilee of H M Queen Victoria June 20th 1887, as a memorial of the beneficent work of the lifeboat as designed and built in South Shields in year 1790." The north and south each contain a fountain whose waters originally fail into basins at the base of the tower. These basins now removed. The east recess contains a door giving access to the interior of the tower. The second stage has pilasters set at right angles to the corners with entablature breaking forward over them. West face carries a medallion portrait of Wouldhare, the east face one of Greathead. Wouldhare and Greathead are the disputed inventors of the modern lifeboat. The north and south faces have reliefs of a shipwreck and the return of the lifeboat. The third stage, set back behind a balustraded parapet, contains a clock and the crowning fourth stage is an open cupola. LISTED GRADE 2




Department of National Heritage, List of Buildings of Special architectural or Historic Interest, 12/60; Paul Usherwood, Jeremy Beach and Catherine Morris, 2000, Public Sculpture of North East England, p 176-7; NECT, 2015, National Heritage at Risk Grade II Project

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