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Tyne and Wear HER(8112): North Shields, Duke Street, pottery - Details

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N Tyneside

North Shields, Duke Street, pottery

North Shields




Post Medieval



An interesting assemblage of post medieval pottery was recovered during an evaluation at the Chain Locker Public House in 2005. There were seventeen sherds representing a maximum of thirteen vessels. The pottery assembalge is of eighteenth century date and includes formal tablewares (Tin Glazed Earthenware and porcelain) and vernacular tablewares (Slipware and Late Blackware). The Tin Glazed Earthenwares are of Anglo-Dutch type and were probably not made locally. Dutch trade with the north-east throughout the post medieval period is well-attested. The sherd of porcelain is most probably of Chinese origin - the eighteenth century saw imports of Chinese ceramics on a large scale. The vernacular tablewares were probably manufactured locally. A ceramic wig curler was an interesting find. At a time when the wearing of wigs was highly fashionable, many thousands of these items must have been produced. It is made of white, refined earthenware.




Dr. C. Cumberpatch, 2005, pottery assessment in Archaeological Services University of Durham, 2005, The Chain Locker, Duke Street, North Shields - archaeological evaluation

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