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N Tyneside

Wallsend, road




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MacLauchlan and Bruce both recorded a road running north from near the north-east angle of the fort to beyond the Newcastle-North Shields railway. Because of its alignment Bidwell et al. thought it was unlikely to be Roman. Bruce wrote: "The only trace of the northern division of the station that remains, consists of the road which has apparently led from SEGEDUNUM to the outposts at Blake-Chesters and Tynemouth. This causeway extends from the station to the north of the Shields railway; it is formed of a mass of rubble about two feet deep, and is eleven yards wide. It cannot be ploughed, and nothing that requires any depth of earth will grow upon it". MacLauchlan notes that Reay "remembers a stony way, like the remains of a road, running for about 50 yards in the direction of the north-east angle of the station, in a garden immediately north of the railway, and which, had it been continuous, must have crossed the railroad a few yards to the east of the archway under the railway...".




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