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N Tyneside

Earsdon, West Farm



Agriculture and Subsistence



Early Modern


Extant Building

Farmstead built before 1849, comprising of a farmhouse, central barn, stable, cart shed and other buildings. By 1860 a horse-gin house had been added and the main barn was extended. By 1897 the T-shaped structure which is present today was created by joining two buildings together. Since 1938 the horse gin and shed north of the farm entrance have been demolished. The stockyard and three ranges of brick and stone stables, once part of neighbouring East Farm, were added to the West Farm steading, through demolition of the dividing wall. Most of the farm buildings are built of sandstone rubble, with squared masonry in the outer walls that face the street. The "Earsdon Town West Farm" of the seventeenth century was owned by a Newcastle weaver called John Pigg. He died in 1688 or 1689 leaving his estate to trustees to run on behalf of his neice, Ann Rea. In 1849 William Storey was tenant of West Farm.




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