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Tyne and Wear HER(8442): Blaydon Burn, iron slag - Details

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Blaydon Burn, iron slag

Blaydon Burn



Metal Industry Site

Slag Heap

Post Medieval


A considerable amount of iron slag was found within the vicinity of the mill. On the south side there was a level area with low revetment of slag (Plate 65), possibly the debris from a cementation chest, similar to that found at Derwentcote [David Cranstone pers. Com). However there are no record of steel making involving the cementation process in the Burn, and it is likely that this material has been brought in from outside the study area. Slag was also recorded to the southwest of the mill and large nodules were found within the mill interior (Plate 66). A little northeast of the remains of the Mill, a crucible (or saggar?) base is visible on the side of the Burn




Northern Archaeological Associates & Northern Counties Archaeological Services, 2005, Blaydon Burn, Gateshead - Archaeological Desk Based Assessment and Building Survey of Industrial Structures

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