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Blaydon Burn, weir

Blaydon Burn



Water Power Production Site


Early Modern



First appears on the 3rd edition OS map (1914) which shows a weir and various adjacent structures to the southeast of the waggonway bridge. The weir is constructed of brickand concrete and runs diagionally across the Burn just downstream from the bridge (Plate 69). Just upstream of the weir are the remains of a red brick abutment (Plate 70) present on both sides of the Burn. A set of four iron girders (sawn off) can be seen protuding from the face of the red brick wall on the south bank. The 3rd and 4th edition OS maps show a structure spanning across the river at this point which may account for the location of the weir, however, the function of this building is unclear. The building appears to have undergone numerous extentions and modifications evident in the surrounding brickwork.




Northern Archaeological Associates & Northern Counties Archaeological Services, 2005, Blaydon Burn, Gateshead - Archaeological Desk Based Assessment and Building Survey of Industrial Structures

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