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Blaydon Burn, brick structure

Blaydon Burn



Industrial Building




A substantial brick structure, shown on the 3rd and 4th edition OS, associated with branch lines and the coal depot belonging to Priestman Collieries. The surviving structure comprises a southeast wall retaining infill (Plate 89). It was constructed of constructed of 20th century firebrick and included a cut-off H-shaped girders projecting in a raked line from the east face, suggesting supports for an angled shute, possibly a coal drop. The front elevation also included the remains of two brick 'gables' possibly supports for lifting gear. The building measured 11.50m long and approximately 5m high and extended some 8m from the rear back, the top of the structure comprised a flat cinder roof. The feature was surrounded by coal waste and some brick debris. To the southwest of the main structure, on the opposite the side of the track, were the remains of a brick wall surviving only five courses high this was constructed of the same yellow firebrick.




Northern Archaeological Associates & Northern Counties Archaeological Services, 2005, Blaydon Burn, Gateshead - Archaeological Desk Based Assessment and Building Survey of Industrial Structures

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