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Middle Herrington, Herrington Hall

Middle Herrington




Country House

Post Medieval


Documentary Evidence

Herrington Hall stood in Middle Herrington and its cellars were dated 1570. Despite this, the building in its final form probably dated from about 1795 when, after many generations, the Robinsons sold it to William Beckwith. Although retaining its ownership, General Beckwith soon moved to the Silksworth House Estate, inherited by his wife Priscilla. Later it was bought by the Earls of Durham and for most of C19 it was let to a succession of tenants. Used as a VAD Hospital in World War I. In the C20 the Vaux family rented it. The last occupant was Mr Harry Bell, a local builder. In 1947 it was bought by the Miners Welfare Commission for use as a rehabilitation centre, but this never happened. The National Coal Board demolished it in 1957.




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