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S Tyneside and Sunderland

Whitburn, antler harpoon-head



Agriculture and Subsistence

Fishing Object





In 1852 this object was "picked up on the shore at Whitburn", and later donated to the Society of Antiquaries of Newcastle by the Rev. W. Featherstonhaugh. The precise findspot is unknown. Mellars suggests it was either washed up by the sea from submerged deposits just off the present shore, or eroded out of deposits in nearby cliffs; he favoured the former. The harpoon is of deer antler, "of biserial form, having three sharply pointed barbs along one edge, two similar barbs on the other edge, and bearing an elongated, oval perforation in the butt end; clear traces of a third barb can be seen close to the tip...". In total length it is 87.5 mm, with a max. width 14.6 mm, and max. thickness 4.6 mm. It is said to be "of Obanian affinities", and to date from 5,500 - 3,500 B.C.




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