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Tyne and Wear HER(8522): Seaburn, Brick Garth Cottage - Details

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Seaburn, Brick Garth Cottage




Brick and Tilemaking Site


Early Modern


Documentary Evidence

Two small buildings and two ponds are shown on the Whitburn tithe plan of 1839. The buildings are also shown on John Bell's Plan of part of the Tyne and Wear coal districts 1843. Brick Garth Cottage is shown on the OS first edition of 1862 along with a large pond. P.J. Davison lists this as site 29 in his 'Brickworks of the North East' book. The cottage has gone by the OS second edition of 1899. By the 1950s the site was used as playing fields and tennis courts and a pavilion has been built. The pavilion has now gone.




P.J. Davison, 1986, Brickworks of the North East, p 122, site 29; Archaeological Services Durham University, 2018, Land off South Bents Avenue, Seaburn, Tyne and Wear - archaeological desk-based assessment; Whitburn tithe map 1839; Bell, J, 1843 Plan of part of the Tyne and Wear coal districts; Ordnance Survey 1st edition, 6" Durham sheet VIII, 1862

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