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Newcastle, Market Street East, Plummer House




Assembly Rooms



Extant Building

The listed building description was found to have wrongly named Newcombe and Newcombe as the architects. An historic buildings recording by URS in 2013 suggests the building was designed by Charles Septimus Errington. The main phase of construction dates to 1909 which opened as Tilley's Tearooms. The tearooms was actually a large recreational building containing ballrooms. However, by 1921 the Newcastle and Gateshead Gas Company had moved into the premises and began alterations - including the removal of first floor shops and small ballroom. In 1936 the building was extended. Plummer House was converted into offices in the 1960s. The main faƧade remains prominent in the streetscape and represents a good example of early 20th century classical detailing. LISTED GRADE 2




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