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S Tyneside

Whitburn, tithe barn



Agriculture and Subsistence


Tithe Barn

Post Medieval

Documentary Evidence

There exists a published photograph (1905) entitled "Whitburn Tithe Barn", which was said to be at the bottom of the rectory garden. The 1st ed. OS shows a building of likely size in an enclosure outside the south-east corner of the rectory garden, with access to a lane/track leading east to East Street. This is also shown on a plan of the village of Whitburn, 1817. The tithe plan also shows and lists a tithe barn in this location. On the modern map it has been replaced. The photo shows a long stone building with pantiled roof, and high, wide, centrally placed double doors. There is a window on one side of the door, and a double row of ?put-log holes across the front of the building, the lower row very close to the ground. The visible gable end looks partly rendered, or has possibly had another building against it. An alternative view is that the gable end had been largely rebuilt in brick. If correctly located, it faced south, and the view of it is from the south- west. Map evidence shows the building range reduced in size between the 1870s-1890s. The adjacent shorter range was also demolished at this time. Following damage during the Second World War it was demolished. The north wall of the barn survived and forms the present northern site boundary wall.




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