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Tyne and Wear HER(890): Westoe manor - Details

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S Tyneside

Westoe manor



Agriculture and Subsistence

Land Use Site



C13 - C16

Documentary Evidence

To assist them in their reconstruction of the church of Jarrow, Bishop Walcher gave Aldwin et al. in the late 11th century the vill of Gyrvum and its appendages, which included Westoe. How soon the prior and convent of Durham established the manor is not clear, though there is reference to a camera in 1264. There are numerous 14th century and a few 15th century references to buildings: hall(s), chapel, camera(s), solar, kitchen, bakehouse, grange(s), granary, byre, cowhouse, stable, sheeppen, piggery, limekiln and gatehouse. Its location is perhaps at the east end, and the east end of the south side of the village, where a hall and the site of an "ancient chapel" are shown on a map of 1768. Fielding appears to favour this, suggesting "Manor House and Westoe Farm", but could not trace the succession of tenants after the manor was divided in Post Medieval times.




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