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S Tyneside

South Shields, vicus

South Shields







The vicus settlement and its cemeteries appear to have been very considerable in extent - some 25 ha. (60 acres). Buildings have been recorded on all four sides of the fort, a road or roads close to or parallel with Baring Street, and finds such as pottery, coins and a quern have been recorded within an area bounded by Mile End Road (to the west), Costain Drive and St.Aidan's Road (to the south), Lawe Road (to the east), Green's Place (to the north). The principal sites and finds appear separately on the HER, and their inclusion is based on a list provided by P. T. Bidwell in 1988. Recent excavation within the stone fort itself has revealed 2 periods of timber buildings, perhaps part of "the vici of earlier forts situated either to the north-east or south-east of the stone fort".




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