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S Tyneside

South Shields, Roman inhumation cemetery

South Shields


Religious Ritual and Funerary


Inhumation Cemetery



During the latter part of the 19th century, while both archaeological excavations and building works were in progress in the vicinity of the Roman fort on the Lawe, a number of finds were made suggesting the existence of Roman cemeteries south of the south-west corner of the fort. The finds diagnostic of an inhumation cemetery were random human bones, and whole skeletons in actual graves. There were also tombstones and fragments of other funerary monuments (HER nos. 896-901). They were largely concentrated under or west of Baring Street, from south of Coston Drive north to Julian Street/Livingstone Place, with a couple of outliers to the north and north-west. More precisely these discoveries lie east of grid line NZ 3646 and north of NZ 6746. Excavations in 1993 in Morton Walk, 300 metres south of the fort, revealed 3 inhumations of 4th century A.D. date.




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