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S Tyneside

South Shields, Herd Sands, Roman patera

South Shields



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A bronze patera was exhibited to the Society of Antiquaries of Newcastle by Mr. W.G. Harris in January 1935. It had been found "a hundred years ago...on the north sands at South Shields", among what was taken to be the "wreckage of a sailing ship". It is a large patera, 205 mm diameter, 105 mm high, and with a handle 168 mm long. Cast in one piece with the handle and base in bronze containing a large proportion of lead and 10% tin. Both the handle and the shoulder of the bowl are decorated with stylized leaves, etc., executed in punched circles and incised lines. The base has four pronounced flanged foot rings and a central stud. It has been suggested that, rather than being part of a ship, the timbers may have been the remains of a Roman weir or jetty.




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