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S Tyneside

South Shields, Arbeia Roman fort

South Shields







The Roman fort of Arbeia is situated on the Lawe, on the south bank and close to the mouth of the River Tyne. It has been partially excavated several times since 1875, and final total excavation is now in progress. The current interpretation is as follows: 1) Mid-Antonine fort, c. 1.67 ha. 2a) Supply base. To accommodate this the early fort was extended south-east in the early 3rd century, the headquarters was rebuilt, 13 new granaries added north-west of a new wall dividing the fort in 2, and possibly 2 granaries south-east of it. 2b) Six more granaries were built Ssouth-east of the dividing wall which was demolished, and the headquarters rebuilt. There were now 23 granaries. 3) Late fort, built after a fire in the late 3rd or early 4th century. The headquarters was remodelled, 10 barracks erected partly re-using the walls of the south-east granaries and a courtyard house (perhaps for the Commanding Officer), which was altered in the mid 4th century. Occupation continued into the 5th century (HER no. 915). The site is consolidated and laid out for display as it is excavated. A replica of the west gate has been constructed. SCHEDULED ANCIENT MONUMENT AND UNESCO WORLD HERITAGE SITE




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