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Tyne and Wear HER(92): Monkwearmouth, Anglo-Saxon grave slab of Hereberict (priest) - Details

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Monkwearmouth, Anglo-Saxon grave slab of Hereberict (priest)



Religious Ritual and Funerary

Grave Marker

Grave Slab

Early Medieval



A grave-marker, or grave-cover, 104 cm high/long x 53 cm wide x 18 cm deep, in medium-grained, massive yellow sandstone. Broken top, side and base, but unworn. Decoration includes a centrally placed standing cross in high relief with, at the top, the remains of two wing-like features. In the quadrants of the cross is a Latin inscription in Anglo-Saxon capitals: HIC IN SEPULCRO REQUIESCIT CORPORE HEREBERICHT PR(ES)B(YTER) - "Here in the tomb rests Herebericht the priest in the body". The stone has been dated to the first quarter of the 8th century. It was found in a reused context during excavations in September 1866, face downwards above a medieval coffin in the west porch.




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