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S Tyneside

South Shields, River Tyne, Roman helmet cheek-piece

South Shields


Armour and Weapons






...elegant, bronze left cheekpiece from a helmet of Robinson's Auxiliary Cavalry Type H. Height 190 mm. It was reduced in size after the decoration was incised. Central decoration, pricked out in fine pounced lines, shows a naked male figure standing with a cloak over his shoulders. With his right hand he controls a horse, in his left he holds a spear. This figure represents one of the Dioscuri. Below is a dolphin, above a frieze of leaves. Supposed to have been dredged up at, or near, the bar across the River Tyne before 1877 with, or close to, HER no. 928. Another source says it was dredged up on the south side of the Tyne at its junction with the sea.




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