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S Tyneside

South Shields, Denmark Street, supposed Viking boat

South Shields



Water Craft



Documentary Evidence

There have been two reports of the remains of boats being seen in the centre of South Shields. If true, it could be the same boat. 1.) In 1903 Hodgson, quoting the Monthly Chronicle of 1890, wrote that some 60 years before "the blackened remains of a large vessel", embedded in sea sand mixed with shells, had been found at considerable depth in the old river channel between Mill Dam and Marine Park. 2.) There is a handed-down, oral, report that, when a sewer was being laid in Denmark Street in the early 20th century, a Viking boat was found c. 15 feet down. The Ordnance Survey reports oral information from Mr. Swan (sometime librarian at South Shields) in 1952 reporting the find to have been made in between Denmark Street and Catherine Street. There is no supporting evidence.




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