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S Tyneside

South Shields, The Lawe, fort

South Shields




Post Medieval


Documentary Evidence

A fort was built on the Lawe, South Shields, in 1643, at the command of the Marquis of Newcastle, governor of Newcastle, who sent 300 men and 5 or 6 pieces of ordnance for the purpose. It was 9 feet high, surrounded by a ditch 12 feet wide and 11 feet deep, and garrisoned by 100 Royalist soldiers. After two attempts, the Scots captured the fort on 20th March 1644, and lost it briefly in May. It was lost and won thrice in a day in October, the Scots eventually retaining it. Its precise site is uncertain: it is described as not far from the Roman fort, and close to the beacons. Though it is supposed to have existed into the 19th century it is not shown on maps of 1768 and 1827.




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