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S Tyneside

West Boldon village

West Boldon







Documentary Evidence

The earliest reference to Boldon dates to 1183 when it formed the model, in Boldon Book, for the management of the bishop's estates. It was a large settlement, with 22 villeins and by the late 13th century at the latest had a parish church. In c.1380 there were 23 holdings of 10 acres each of demesne, 23 bondage lands consisting of a messuage and 2 bovates, 6 cottagers holding 2 cottages and 50+ acres of land, and 9 cottagers with a cottage but no demesne land. Many of the tenants were in all categories. Though West and East Boldon were not distinguished in these surveys, it seems likely that West Boldon was the original settlement, and that East Boldon was a new village of perhaps the 13th century and represents a division of the original township. West Boldon is described as "an irregular cluster without a green". Originally the main road passed west and north of the church on its way eastwards.




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