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S Tyneside

Boldon watermill




Water Power Production Site




Documentary Evidence

In 1381 the tenants of Boldon paid $17 13s 4d rent for one watermill and one windmill: it is not clear which of these might have been the mill mentioned in Boldon Book (a survey of land in 1183 belonging to the Bishop of Durham, Hugh du Puiset). There is no medieval evidence for the location of this watermill. The site of Boldon Mill, with pond and race, on the River Don, shown on the 1st edition Ordnance Survey 6 inches map of 1856 may or may not be that of the medieval mill. Local information suggests that the 20th century mill was powered by gas engine before being finally demolished. It was lived in until the late 1950s and demolished in 1962/3. Most of the features still exist; including the ground plan of the original buildings, the mill race, mill pond, mill dam and some stonework in the river bank and bed. A substantial length of the leat is still in existence several hundred metres from the site, and its source has been traced to the site of the mill dam. Consolidation and restoration of parts of the mill complex are planned.




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