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S Tyneside

West Boldon, Scot's House

West Boldon


Agriculture and Subsistence

Land Use Site




Documentary Evidence

In 1381 or 1383, Richard Hedworth died seised of Scottes house and land on Boldon moor, held by homage, fealty, 40s rent and suit of court. The antiquarian, Surtees records that in 1617 Thomas Cole of Gateshead surrendered it to the use of Ralph Cole; from the Coles it passed to the Milbankes; in 1658 Mark Milbanke surrendered it to Henry Maddison; in 1687-8 it passed from the Maddisons to the Hudsons. The early 18th century house, early to mid-19th century stables, and gatehouse and walls of 1890 are all listed.




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