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Tyne and Wear HER(966): South Shields, Park Battery - Details

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S Tyneside

South Shields, Park Battery

South Shields




Coastal Battery



Documentary Evidence

In May 1940 Devon Battery, Royal Marines, arrived with two 6-inch Mk XII/VII guns. In March 1941 they were replaced by 348 Coast Battery, with two 6-inch Mk XI/VI guns from Frenchman's Battery to the south. For a time in 1941-3 the guns were removed, and only a searchlight remained, while a new battery was constructed, and in 1943 three 5.25-inch Anti-Aircraft/coast defence guns were installed. When the Coast Defence role ceased in 1951 the battery was handed over to AA Command and finally, in 1956, the battery was dismantled, and the site landscaped by South Shields Corporation. The site has recently been assessed by the Defence of Britain Project: it is in a very bad condition, but gun emplacements and layout were visible as parch marks on aerial photographs of 1994.




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