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S Tyneside

Cleadon common fields



Agriculture and Subsistence

Cultivation Marks

Ridge and Furrow

Post Medieval


Ridge and furrow survives as earthworks, or on air photos, north (NZ 38 63) and north-east (NZ 39 63) of Cleadon village, on what were named as North Field and Cleadon Lizards on the 1st edition Ordnance Survey 6 inches plan". There are traces east of the village, on both sides of Cleadon Lane in East Field, and on what survives of Cleadon's share of Boldon Flats called Cleadon Moor on the 1st edition Ordnance Survey 6 inches plan. The area retains considerable ridge and furrow, with what appear to be large ditched boundary banks. There are also a few mysterious lumps which seem to overlie the ridge and furrow. Earthworks at Boldon Flats and that between East Farm and Undercliff at Cleadon are on South Tyneside Council's Local List. Surveyed as part of a ridge and furrow project by ASUD in 2013. The report concluded that the even spacing and straight and narrow nature of the ridge and furrow suggests a post-medieval date. The remains are thought to be assocaited with Cleadon Hill Farms as they conform to the enclosure denoted by the existing drystone walling. The ridges measure between 4-6m crown to crown and 0.3-0.4m in height.




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