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Kibblesworth, Blackburn Fell, common land



Agriculture and Subsistence

Land Use Site

Common Land


Documentary Evidence

Until 1801/1818 the land between the River Team (to the south & west), Riding Lane (to the south-east), Whickham Common (to the north-west), Hedley and Andrews House grounds (to the west), Kibblesworth and Ravensworth (to the east and north-east) was common in the parochial chapelries of Lamesley and Tanfield, and went by the names of Blackburn Fell, Burdon Moor, Hedley Fell, Kibblesworth Common and Beamish East Moor. It amounted to c. 2000 acres. The Enclosure Act was passed in 1801, and the Award made in 1818. The common had probably once been much larger since it seems fairly clear that there had been major encroachments/private enclosures on its margins, certainly Hedley (HER no. 142) and Riding (HER no. 972), and possibly also Cooper House, Kibblesworth Grange, Leaden Field, Ravensworth Grange, Beamish and Andrews House. A large area of the onetime common has been opencasted, and this continues.




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