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Tyne and Wear HER(98): Monkwearmouth, Anglo-Saxon parts of seats or benches - Details

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Monkwearmouth, Anglo-Saxon parts of seats or benches




Architectural Element

Architectural Fragment

Early Medieval



Two carved blocks, one (A) 41.9 cm high x 59.7 cm wide x 21.6 cm deep, the other (B) 38.1 cm high x 57.2 cm wide x 21.6 cm deep, both in medium-grained massive yellow sandstone. The condition of (A) is good, of (B) slightly damaged. (A) is decorated on one narrow face with a lion in an architectural 'cage', to be seen from side and front, while (B) has ah lion carved in high relief. They are not part of one piece of furniture, though perhaps part of the same suite. The stones have been dated to the late 7th century were found in the restoration of 1866.




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