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S Tyneside

Hedworth village





Shrunken Village



Documentary Evidence

First reference to Heathewurthe is in Bishop Walcher's late 11th century (c. 1072) grant of Jarrow and its appendages to Aldwin. In 1345/6 the bursar's rental records 13 tofts and 429 acres held by at least 9 tenants including John Hedworth. By 1430 the only named (free) tenants were the heirs of John, Richard and John Hedworth, who held 3 tofts, 1 garden, 1 place, 1 waste place and garden, and 86 acres. Not only was the Hedworth family now dominant, but the place seems to have shrunk quite dramatically. The village lay on the west bank of the Don, just south of the point at which the Wrekendyke crossed the river. The road pattern roughly survives, but there has been much new building. The 1783 map suggests there was once a green, perhaps later encroached on.




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