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S Tyneside

Jarrow, supposed Roman fort






Implied Evidence

Since early in the 19th century some local antiquarians and archaeologists have subscribed to the view that there was a Roman fort at Jarrow. Hodgson described it as "an oblong square of about 3 acres, with its corners rounded off", with "underground foundations of a wall of strong masonry" marking out "its area on every side", and including within it the church and churchyard. He thought the north wall of the house at the north-east corner of the churchyard could actually be Roman. He also reported brick pavements at the east end of Jarrow Row, and walls beneath Jarrow Hall. Although a number of Roman artifacts have been found in the vicinity (HER no. 983-992), excavations in the priory in 1935 and 1963-78, on the scarp which forms the east edge of the park in 1973, and north of Jarrow Hall in 1989-90 have not produced either Roman stratification or structures.




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