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Tyne and Wear HER(9954): Fenham, Wingrove Avenue, St. Nicholas Cemetery, chapels - Details

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Fenham, Wingrove Avenue, St. Nicholas Cemetery, chapels



Religious Ritual and Funerary

Funerary Site

Cemetery Chapel

Early Modern


Extant Building

1857 by A.M Dunn. Two chapels, a gatehouse and west and south entrances. St. Nicholas Cemetery chapels act as a large and impressive sandstone entrance to the site. The entrance consists of an archway and two identical single storey, double height, chapels on either side of it. It was probably built around 1857 as a mortuary. Chapel on east was Church of England, chapel on west was nonconformist. The east wing contained a vestry and two utility rooms/workshops, the west wing was converted into a groundskeeper's lodge with a dining room, living room, kitchen, bathroom and three bedrooms. The chapel buildings were recorded in 2013. They were described to be functional and unremarkable. The laebl stops, corbels and grotesques and gargoyles are their redeeming features {2}.. LOCAL LIST




Newcastle City Council, 2006, Local List of Buildings, Structures, Parks, Gardens and Open Spaces of Special Local Architectural or Historic Interest Supplementary Planning Document; AAG Archaeology, 2013, St. Nicholas Cemetery, Studely Terrace, Fenham, Newcastle upon Tyne - Historic Buildings Recording

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