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Newcastle, Earl Grey Monument




Commemorative Monument

Early Modern



The 134 foot coarse gritstone Roman Doric column was originally designed by Benjamin Green to be 150 feet high. The heroic size Portland stone statue of Earl Grey, sculptured by Edward Hodges Bailey, is 13 feet high and stands on a pedestal above a balcony reached by 164 steps within the column. The column was built by Joseph Welsh. The foundation stone was laid in September 1837 and the statue placed in position in August 1838. The foundation stone has within it a chamber containing a glass bottle, in which is a sketch of the monument, a list of subscribers to its erection and a collection of coins, medals and tokens. The column was paid for by public subscription. The pedestal was originally surrounded by railings carrying lamps which have since been removed - as has the fountain which stood to the north of the monument. The statue was struck by lightning in 1941 and the head was broken off the statue. It was replaced by sculptor Roger Hedley in 1947. Erected to commemorate the efforts of Charles Earl Grey K.G. towards parliamentary reform. Inscription on north commemorates the centenary of the passing of the 1832 Reform Bill. LISTED GRADE 1




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